Are you tired of endless app swiping, feeling like you’ll be single forever?

Because your love life deserves better than a profile that reads, “I like stuff and things.” 

Look, I’ve been in the dating trenches, dodging more red flags than a contestant on a reality dating show – roses won't fix this mess but I know what will!

Why This Dating App Guide?

As an international dating coach who’s helped close to 1,000 women & men overcome their dating app struggles and find their love story successes, I’m handing you the secrets. 

I’m not just spitting BS; I’ve walked the walk and found my now partner on the apps. Everything in Swipe, Match, Spark has been foolproof beta tested by me and my clients. Stop the endless swiping: it’s about damn time to transform your app to ultimate dating success.  

What’s Inside the Guide?

  • Digital Guide: 5 Proven Modules Taking You From The Promises and Pitfalls of Apps to Messages that Lead You to Dates

  • Swipe-Right Profile Picture Template to Get Matches

  • Dating App Conversation Prompts

  • Inside the Profile that Landed Carla Her Relationship

  • Exercises to Identify Your Perfect Match

  • Unlimited Access with Self-Paced Modules

  • BONUS MODULE 6: The Proven First Date Formula for Crushing it In Real Life

Swipe, Match, Spark - Proven Modules

Step-by-step guidance to dating app success

  • MODULE 1 - Soulmate Search: Craft Your Relationship Wishlist and Blueprint

  • MODULE 2 - Picture This: Choose Your Best Swipe-Right Photos for Dating Bliss

  • MODULE 3 - Swipe-Worthy Prompts: Craft Prompts That Are Like Clickbait for Your Soulmate

  • MODULE 4 - Match and Spark: Swipe Smarter, Not Harder, and Match with People Who Don’t Think “DTF” is a Great Conversation Starter

  • MODULE 5 - SparkStart Conversations: Move Beyond “Hey” and “Sup” to Chats that Lead to Actual, Real-Life Dates

  • BONUS MODULE 6 - The Proven First Date Formula: Step-By-Step to Crush it IRL

  • Get the Support YOU Need: Book a Coaching Session at 10% OFF

Hesitant to pull the trigger on this?

Keep in mind this guide is cheaper than splitting the bill and then never seeing that date again. 

It’s the investment in your love life that pays off in cuddles, not eye rolls. But don't take my word for it...

Watch & Read What Clients Say:


Client Love:

“I've worked with Carla for several years and learned how to rewire toxic relationship patterns and self talk into healthy ones. Through our work together, I met my now husband (on an app!) and we have built a solid foundation based on vulnerability, transparency, trust, and our individual and collective commitments to doing the work. ”


“Dating can be a lengthy, maze-like process that at times leaves me feeling drained, confused, hurt, & even jaded. Carla helped me learn how to date from a healthy approach, boundary setting, and above all, how to listen to my intuition. Working with Carla has definitely been a plus with motivating me to find myself and not settle in dating!”


“I can truly say that no matter where you are in your dating journey, working with Carla will be an excellent investment! She helped me find even more strength and confidence in myself, the right mindset where I can pursue what I want while being comfortable in my own skin, and suggestions/tools to navigate through the hardships that come with dating. I can actively use Carla's lessons and reminders in all facets of my life and in my relationships. Carla is also super compassionate and a wonderful person to talk with!”


This Ultimate Dating App Guide's For You If…

  • You hate the apps (maybe even deleted them) but still have an ounce of hope for love.

  • You question if you’re using the right pictures or prompts.

  • You’re tired of conversations not leading to dates.

  • You want to go on quality dates that will lead to a lasting relationship.

  • You want the 101 on app red flags and how to dodge them.

  • You’re ready to level up your dating game and FINALLY meet YOUR person.

But Why Should You Buy a Dating App Guide From Me?

Carla Romo

Dating & Relationship Coach

Heyyyy I’m Carla Romo, an international certified dating and relationship coach who's helped close to 1,000 singles reclaim dating confidence to successfully finding their person. I'm the author of Contagious Love: Break Free from Codependency for Damn Good, a speaker and former The Love Fix podcast co-host. At age 24, I hit my rock bottom when I found myself in another toxic codependent relationship and in a cycle of burnout from my TV career in Hollywood. But, this time, I got up and learned how to break free from codependency and love myself enough to choose healthy relationships. Inspired by my self-growth journey, I turned red flags into roses. Today I help women and men push through their BS (blind sides) so they can thrive in dating, get over breakups and make relationships everlasting.

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